Making Plans

Emerging Agile Planning Pitfalls Life is filled with best made plans. From recent January resolutions to our travel bucket list, everyone attempts to form short and long-time life milestones. Yet sometimes we need to reset the timeline. A recent goal for me, the undertaking of initial coaching training, has also triggered reflections on how effective andContinue reading “Making Plans”

Space Oddity

The Importance of Breathing Space in Software Development Writing code is a pretty thought intensive activity. Breaking down the individual steps, reviewing API documentation, testing and debugging as you go. We switch between some pretty intensive tasks. The satisfaction when the problem is solved is indeed thrilling. Any factors that impede these steps will preventContinue reading “Space Oddity”

Bad Reputation

How Poor Leadership Taints Software Development Practices Everything evolves. Technology is a common example of the ongoing digital revolution, with new frameworks and languages appearing at a constant pace. The field of how we engineer software is also changing, with new practices and techniques being defined every few weeks. Agile has existed in name formContinue reading “Bad Reputation”