UI Best Practices

Real User Monitoring

Lean Agile Scotland | London Java Community | Modern Frontends Live!

Overview of tools and techniques to capture metrics to evaluate if users are using product features, and if they are having a great experience. Covers Google Lighthouse, Google Core Web Vitals, Synthetic Monitoring and Real User Monitoring, with instrumentation examples.

Data Visualisation

Devoxx UK | Front Endgineers

Sharing lessons and reasons for the overuse of data grids in enterprise applications and the data overload it can cause users. We also use React-based coding examples to showcase alternate visualisations based on user behaviour and data structure.

BDD & e2e Mashup

Devoxx UK | Front Endgineers | London Java Community

Sharing best practices and coding examples of combining e2e testing with behavioural specifications elicited through BDD.


Confessions of a Sprint 0

Agile Alliance Agile 2021 | Lean Agile Exchange 2021 | Devoxx UK

Tell all account of arranging my first sprint 0. Also check out full story in my Agile Alliance Agile 2021 experience report and InfoQ article.

Obstacle Boards

Lean Agile Exchange 2020 | London Java Community

A case study reflecting on Obstacle Board usage in Scrum practice. Check out the programme and recording for details. Experience also shared on InfoQ.

Tech Learning