Carly Richmond

Lead software engineer with a strong interest in Agile and Usability. Lover of cooking, photography and tea!

Charge Me Up

Respecting the Social Battery in DevRel

Take a Picture

Software Engineers rarely get an opportunity to rebuild applications from the days we learned to code. Yet here I am rebuilding the search game I built in university. One recent problem I had was that I needed updated screenshots from the websites used in the original game. Here I show how Playwright can be used…

(Not So) Basic Instinct

Nature versus nurture is an ongoing debate as to whether human behaviours are driven by inbuilt natural factors already there, or are formed through environmental factors such as parenting and life experience. Over my 11 year career in tech, I’ve noticed with each move I have built instincts through trying, failing, adapting and learning from…

Jump In

Change is scary! Three months ago, ahead of my first day as a Developer Advocate, I had the same pre-first day butterflies in my stomach that I do with every change. Would I be good at this? Was it the right decision? Despite my strong preparation and research ahead of taking this role, there were…


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